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Would you like to learn how to live in the freedom of being unapologetically you? Have you experienced trials in life that you have tried to put behind you but they continue to impact your life in some way?  Would you like to find a way of turning those trials into triumphs? Have you ever experienced pain from life’s events and you would love to find a way to truly heal from those?  Have you ever promised yourself, and possibly others, that you will stop a behavior and you really mean it; but, you somehow keep reverting back to those old habits?  Do you ever wonder why you do what you don’t want to do or don’t do those things that you really want to do?  Do you have an unhealthy relationship with a substance or behavior such that it seems to have more power than you would like?  Do you experience symptom-behaviors associated with fear, anxiety, panic, depression, grief, trauma, OCD, addiction, stress, anger outbursts, interpersonal relationships, or other challenges in life? Do you experience mental, emotional, physical, sexual, or spiritual challenges in life? Do you ever feel your body triggered by some memory of the past, either an event that happened to you or one you regretfully did yourself? Would you like to find a process of personal growth so you can be your best self? Do you ever wonder why other people struggle with certain behaviors and find yourself being frustrated by their lack of changing?  Are you disturbed by the unrest in the world today? Do you have a desire for world peace, both within your internal world and the external world around you?  Are you one of the millions of people who cannot, or will not, ever step foot in a professional counselor’s office?

If you answered yes to any of the above…this book is for you!

The goal of this book is to offer some knowledge and possibly a better understanding of the cycle of thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and that super powerful filter called core beliefs. Once you have the power of that knowledge, you will be led through a simple process to determine what internal forces are driving your behaviors. After that, you will learn some practical tools you can begin using today to give you more power over your life. You can use this process and the tools over and over until you wake up one day and realize you are living in the freedom of being unapologetically you! You can find hope and healing and you absolutely can turn your trials into triumphs!

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